One to One

Coaching at Turning Points & Life Transitions

Any one of us can feel stuck in life. Major transitions such as becoming a parent, teenage years, mid-life, career changes and retirement can make us question who we are, what’s important to us and what’s our purpose in life?

Sometimes we need help from an independent person to help us work out what matters and what comes next. Development or Life Coaching is a confidential, one to one collaborative relationship which makes space for you to discover new insights and possibilities. Through careful listening and asking powerful questions, coaching can inspire you to think differently.

Although I have a PhD in coaching, you’re the person best qualified to set your own goals and find your own solutions. Sometimes we all need a bit of positive help to get there. I can help you reflect on what you want from life or work and think about how you’re going to make this a reality.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions typically last 90 minutes, and as meeting face to face inside is not possible right now, virtual coaching is a great option for us to connect. Coaching can take place online through video conferencing on Skype or Microsoft teams or on another secure platform. Walking coaching (using social distancing) is also a good option now and often now suits people better as movement and being outside can help people to think in new ways. As soon as social distancing rules are relaxed coaching can take place where I’m based near Shelley, Kirkburton and Shepley in Huddersfield, or in Leeds, Harrogate, and Ilkley or further afield in Yorkshire and the North.

I will: Be your thinking partner. Believe in you and your ability to change. Ask you questions, challenge you to look at things as they are – and look at them as they might be. Help you to think about your values, your greatest strengths and realise your personal or professional goals. Dare you to step into the unknown and become what you have not been.

I won’t: Delve into your past – coaching is not therapy or counselling. It’s about concentrating on the here and now and what actions you can take to make things better. I won’t tell you what to do, offer advice, criticise you or try to ‘fix’ anything.

For many people we get the results they want in 4-8 sessions, others find it so helpful we continue to work together for longer.

Pricing Options

Initial ‘chemistry’ session, 1 hour

An initial session to establish your need for coaching and the goals you want to work towards


Single one-to-one coaching session, lasting up to 90 minutes


Group of four consecutive sessions, lasting up to 90 minutes each

Dates and times are agreed at the outset

£275 (saving £25)

Group of three sessions that can be taken ‘as and when’
within a six-month period

£205 (saving £20)

Group of eight sessions, lasting 90 minutes each

Dates and times are agreed at the outset

£525 (saving £75 - one session free)