I’ve spent my career trying to help others and improve the work of those who do this for a living.
I’m passionate about coaching and am often blown away by the impact this can have. Researching and achieving a PhD in coaching has made me a better coach and inspired me to make coaching available to anyone and everyone. Everyone means parents, young people, teenagers as well as those in leadership or corporate roles – anyone who would like help to make changes in their life and work.
I’ve been a registered social worker for 25 years. Since 2006 I’ve been facilitating the practice and continuing professional development of social workers and students by delivering training, workshops and lectures.

The training I deliver now is based on my original doctoral research into the benefits of using coaching within social work, combined with foundation coaching principles and mindfulness-based coaching approaches. If you are interested in my research and how coaching can be used to change lives you can read my PhD here:
Suzanne Triggs PhD Thesis 2020

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If you’re interested in finding out more about me, get in touch and I’ll tell you my full story.

Listen to me explain what coaching is and how it can help people on James O'Brien's Radio Show



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In October 2021 I was honoured to recieve Harvard’s Institute of Coaching’s first-ever award for ‘Coaching for the Social Good’ in the name of social activist Ellen Shub. I hope to use it to bring benifits of coaching to those experiencing a lack of social power and to amplify the social impact of coaching.


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‘Power from Within: A Coaching Approach to Social Work’

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‘Coaching for Social Impact’

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‘Making a Difference Again’

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‘Becoming a Social Work Coach’

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